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P-38 Can Opener

My earliest recollection of using a P-38 can opener was while at FT Riley, KS for my ROTC Advanced Cadet Training Course, summer of 1981.  The Army was still using C-Rations for feeding while in the field at that time.  I will do a separate article on the history of C-Rations. The P-38, developed in 1942, is…

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Product Review – Army Poncho Liner

My Army Poncho Liner The Army Poncho Liner is one of the most versatile pieces of material you could ever want to own.  It is lightweight, but very warm.  I’ve owned a poncho liner since first entering the service in 1980 and still have my first one.  My earliest recollection of using one was in Korea in…

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Why do People Buy Military Surplus or Supply?

Why do people buy military surplus or supply? For one group of people (veterans) it brings back a flood of memories and familiarity.  They have used the clothing and equipment and know that it is better than anything produced by civilian firms.  We see many veterans who lost items years ago and now want to come back and…

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