Why do People Buy Military Surplus or Supply?

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Why do people buy military surplus or supply?

For one group of people (veterans) it brings back a flood of memories and familiarity.  They have used the clothing and equipment and know that it is better than anything produced by civilian firms.  We see many veterans who lost items years ago and now want to come back and start using them again.  In many cases they buy equipment merely as a keepsake.

For non-veterans, they associate military clothing and equipment as being made to a higher standard of quality.  Everything has to be built to withstand a lot of repetitive use and abuse.

How does military supply/surplus compare to high end street brands as far as price and quality?

I believe for quality purposes military spec clothing and equipment will be better than anything you can purchase off the street.  As far as price goes, I haven’t bought much high end, but here is one example.  A pair of Levi jeans cost approx. $60 but we sell a pair of Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) pants for $31.  These are made of Rip-stop cotton and can be bought in many different color patterns.  They are more versatile since they have large cargo pockets.