There are many practical and personal uses for dog tags, making them one of the most popular items we carry. They make an inexpensive and one-of-a-kind gift, or can add your personal touch to many items.  Uses include (but are not limited to): keeping pertinent medical history on your person, emergency phone numbers,  GPS coordinates, and much more. To see an interesting take on it, check out  The Weekend Prepper’s  “10 Prepper Uses  For Dog Tags”

Single dog tag can be used to mark bags or other personal belongings.  They can also be used on dogs.  Single dog tag with key loop is used for key chain.  Single on a chain is popular with children.  Many parents inscribe their phone number for safety reasons.   Double tags are just like what I wore while serving in the US Army.  They have a distinct metallic sound, which is why most people put silencers on them.  Silencers available in a variety of colors, of which black is the most popular. The  WWII notched version does not come with silencer.

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