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Read what a few of our customers have had to say about our service, products, and selections:

I wanted to thank you and your wife for the professionalism and courtesy you have extended me over the last 2-3 years. I am a Vietnam Veteran, and you guys have ALWAYS been able to help me find military items of my era. I like and prefer buying made in America and will pay more for such.  The last thing Major Dads did for me was to obtain an Army Field Jacket, my era (1969-1971) complete with all my patches and sewed on in the correct military specs!  Greg and Denise treat no one any different, it’s as it used to be in America, CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!  They have a large selection and if you’re at my age and era if they don’t have it they WILL find it and actually call you when your item comes in, YES, CALL YOU!  The only negative is he is an Officer, me, I was an NCO and you military men and women know who does all the work. Seriously, visit these folks, they are GREAT people, small business, which is a plus and what keeps America leading other countries, contrary to what is coming out of Washington, but I won’t go there. I just wanted to thank Greg and Denise for how much they have helped me and other Veterans I know and again, Greg is former Military and “Walks the Talk”.

– Ron Kinslow

Major Dads, the camo wrap is an exceptional item, and a must have for the serious hunter. This wrap is very easy to apply and remove from any piece of equipment that you may have. The best part of this item is no sticky residue. I didn’t want to use anything on my weapon that could harm the finish, and this product is perfect. This item allowed me to have a weapon with a camo color with out buying a new stock. Thanks for having a great product.

– John L Pope

I recently purchased a 2 PT sling for a rifle I own. I highly recommend it! I was a little concerned at first because the clips that attach to the rifle were plastic, however, they are fairly thick and are covered by a canvas like material that acts as a sleeve. So, once the strap is attached to the rifle, the clips are covered and are both protected and can’t accidentally disconnect. My favorite aspect of this strap is the quick “pinch to unlock” release included. With the clips covered and protected, the manufacturer thought enough to add a “quick release” clip… so the strap comes off quickly without risking any wear and tear to the clips that hold the strap to the rifle. The strap adjusts easily, is comfortable enough… for the money it’s a steal!

Ken RankWinchester, KY

Great store and great people. Greg Guided me in to their location after my GPS had me turned around and lost. Thanks for the good service and great selection.

Brandon Warren

My son LOVED the camo pants I bought him. We also enjoyed just browsing your Danville store! He has worn them and worn them and they have been washed many times. He said (half jokingly I think), “You can buy me one of everything in the store if you want, Mom!” Thanks so much for providing quality products at affordable prices.

Rhonda BartlettKentucky

I love durability of everything that I’ve bought from your store! I can take a helmet bag with us on trips or to games, and I never have to worry about it getting dirty or beat up, or anything falling out of it.  My son has a trench coat he bought at your HQ store and he really puts it to use! Knowing that my purchase is supporting a small business owned by a veteran and his family makes the whole experience that much better to me!

-Aimee Robbins, Winchester, KY

Major Dads is the best! My husband purchased a full set of thermals for work yesterday afternoon, and that night when I picked him up from work was the first time since he started that his lips weren’t tinged blue from the cold. Not only did the thermals we purchased from Major Dads work exponentially better than any we had ever purchased before, but we got them for a fraction of the price that the “chain stores” charge.
And I also got the most amazing outfit to work out in, not only is it super comfortable and durable, but it’s also one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!!!
We will most definitely be returning soon!!!

Rachel Ballard